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Eccentric Ape Resin Incense Sticks

Eccentric Ape Incense Sticks

Resin Incense Sticks Eccentric Ape

Don't Monkey Around,
Go Ape!

Just Arrived
New Fragrances

Palo Santo Resin Incense Sticks
Wildfire Resin Incense Sticks
Frankincense on Sandalwood
Resin Incense Sticks

Eccentric Ape Incense

Uncompromising Quality,
All Natural Fragrances
There are No Other
Resin Incense Sticks
Which compare to the
Premium Aromas of Our
Eccentric Ape
Hand made
Extra Long Burning Incense.
Made with the Highest Quality
 Resins, Woods,Herbs,
Spices, Essential Oils,
in an easy to use stick form.
Hand Made in the USA
No Punks-No Sawdust-No DPG
Nothing Artificial Added

Aromanga Incense

Patchouli Natural Incense Sticks

Patchouli Natural Incense Sticks

8" Long
50 grams
$6.75 Sale
  Over 50 different
More Bulk Incense

Wonderland Tapestry

Wonderland  Tapestry

  Printed Tapestry
100% Cotton


Large Selection



Tapestries Here

Home of the finest fragrant masterpieces,  an aromatic symphony for your senses?

7 Treasure Incense Resin

Frankincense &

Myrrh Resin

  Large Selection
Resin Incense Here

Brass Incense Resin Censer

Brass Censer & Incense Burner

2.5" Diameter

Brass with black patina Hand Carved Design
Wooden coaster included


More Brass
Brass Censers

Large Selection of Incense

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Incense Large Selection

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Great Deals

Incense Specials great assortment

Aloeswood incense Sticks, Incense coils and Aloeswood Powder

Aloeswood Incense

Incense Sticks,
Incense Coils
Aloeswood Powder

Large Selection
Fragrant Woods

Hem Coco Cinnamon Incense Sticks

Sale on Hem Incense Sticks

120 Incense Sticks

ON Sale
$4.75 Sale

Hem Page 2

Hem Page 3

Hem Page 4

Satya Incense By Sai Baba Incense

Satya Incense Sticks

6 Top Scents

1 - 15 gram box each

Satya Incense
Tree of life Wooden Box hand carved

Wood Boxes 

Large Selection
Oil Diffusers
Frankincense Perfume Song of India perfume oil

Frankincense Roll-on


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