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Baieido Traditional Japanese Incense

The excellent traditional aromas found in the Kobunboku line are some of
Japan's top selling brands.  The highly trained incense masters of Baieido travel around the world in
 search of the very best aloeswood, resins, herbs and spices which will please
the nose and may also repel pests. Only the highest quality, incense woods and
natural ingredients are combined to produce some of the finest aromas on Earth.  
Rare, Old Mountain Sandalwood,  Premium Aloeswoods from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand,
 and the finest incense grade herbs and spices are combined by the incense master following Baieido's ancient, traditional recipes. 
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Baieido Kobunboku & Excellent Kobunboku  好 文 木
The pleasingly fragrant and relaxing traditional incense blends made from premium woods and herbs. 

Kobunboku incense is made with  Baieido's base formula of
 sandalwood and herbs with a touch of camphor which is
 derived from ancient Chinese herbal healing mixtures.
Baieido uses this same recipe as the basis for many of their
 traditional incenses. Different aromas are obtained mainly
by varying the quantity of sandalwood and through the
addition of different amounts and types of aloeswood.
Baieido Kobunboku Japanese Incense 170 grams

Baieido Kobunboku
Japanese Incense

The BIG box 170 grams for Kobunboku lovers and meditation centers

170 grams
Baieido Kobunboku Japanese Incense Sticks

Baieido Kobunboku Incense

This incense is a blend of
sandalwood and herbs which is very popular for meditation and fragrance. Plum blossom incense is one of Japan's most popular incenses.

20 Grams
$7.00  Per Bundle

Kobunboku Incense

40 Grams
Baieido KOBUNBOKU LONG Japanese Incense

Baieido Kobunboku Incense

Long Stick
80 Grams

Baieido Bikou Kobunboku Japanese Incense 90 grams

Baieido Bikou Kobunboku Japanese Incense

Spring Plum
Fine, spicy aloeswood and
sandalwood blend. Milder than Excellent Kobunboku, a little sharper than Kaden Koubuhnbuko

~5.5" Long

Baieido Kobunboku Bikou Smokeless Incense Sticks

Baieido Kobunboku Bikou Incense

Spring Plum
(smoke less)
Similar to regular Bikou with
almost no smoke, a little sweeter and lighter than the regular
50 Incense Sticks Bundle

~5.5" Long

Baieido Byakudan Kobunboku Japanese Incense

Baieido Byakudan Kobunboku Incense

This one is made with a double dose of finest old mountain sandalwood with Kobunboku herb recipe. This is a very nice, mellow incense. Highly recommended for great value and a superior aroma.
~5.5" Long
30 Grams approximately 80 sticks

Byakudan Kobunboku Incesne

60 Grams

家伝 Kaden 好 文 木 Kobunboku means - Hereditary Kobunboku

This incense is prepared following a very old family recipe. Kaden Kobunboku Incense contains fine Vietnamese aloeswood and mild spices.

Its very traditional formula is excellent for meditation.
Baieido Kaden Kobunboku Incense

Baieido Kaden Kobunboku Incense

~5.5" Long
40 grams

Baieido Kaden Kobunboku Long Japanese Incense Sticks

Kaden Kobunboku Long Incense

11" Long
75 grams Long

basic line of high quality, traditional incense is the Kobunboku 'Plum Blossoms' incense .
The Kobunboku varieties are made with rare, old mountain sandalwood and traditional herb and spice blends following very old recipes.  These blends produce superior quality incenses which have pleasing and relaxing aromas to enjoy during meditation or anytime. 
Byakudan Kobunboku incense has a mildly spicy recipe with a double helping of fine sandalwood, Bikou Kobunboku adds a little aloeswood to a slightly spicier blend,  Kaden Kobunboku has a mildly spicy recipe with sweet aloeswood and Excellent Kobunboku incense has fine aloeswood in an extra warm recipe.  Also from Baieido, the floral / ambience collection features the traditional florals of the Sawayakas incense which are made with pure lavender and rose essential oils, and the unusual Kokonoe Daffodil Incense and Shin-kokonoe Daffodil smokeless fragrances plus, Baieido's Coffee incense
when you desire a more stimulating aroma.

Baieido Izumi Garden Spring Incense

Baieido Izumi Incense
Garden Spring

20 Grams 
$7.00 per roll

Izumi Incense Box

170 grams
Excellent Kobunboku Incense

Excellent Kobunboku Incense

(Excellent Plum Blossom)
This is Kobunboku plus a spicy aloeswood which provides
a crisper aroma


60 Grams

Baieido Kobunboku Extra Japanese Incense

Kobunboku Extra Special Long Incense Sticks

Longer version of Excellent Kobunboku
Thicker, longer, very long-burning incense


75 grams
Baieido Wildflower Smokeless Japanese Incense Sticks

Baieido Wildflower Incense

40 Incense Sticks
Baieido Strawberry Japanese Incense Sticks

Baieido Strawberry Incense Sticks

40 Incense Sticks
Baieido Green Tea Smokeless Japanese Incense Sticks

Baieido Green Tea Incense

40 Incense Sticks
Baieido Kokonoe Daffodil Incense

Baieido Kokonoe Daffodil Incense

Light smoke - subtle floral aroma
75 Incense sticks


Baieido Shin Kokonoe daffodil Incense Smokeless

Shin Kokonoe Daffodil (Smokeless) Japanese Incense

Smokeless - subtle floral aroma
75 Incense Sticks
Baieido Green Tea Japanese Incense

Baieido Green Tea Incense

Made with real ITO green tea

150 Incese Sticks approximately
Baieido Sawayaka Lavender Incense Low Smoke

Sawayaka Lavender
low smoke Incense

Made with real, pure essential oils
and are low smoke fragrances

A superior Lavender fragrance made with nature's finest, Lavender essential oil

75 Incense sticks
Baieido Sawayaka Rose Incense Sticks Smokeless

Baieido Sawayaka Rose
smokeless Incense

Made with real, pure essential oils
and are low smoke fragrances

Fine rose aroma, never overpowering.

75 Incense sticks
Baieido Honey Incense Sticks

Baieido Honey Incense Stick

A subtle smokeless incense
with a sweet fragrance of honey

150 Incese Sticks approximately
Out of Stock
Baieido Black Coffee Incense Sticks

Black Coffee Incense Sticks

Smokeless incense
Dark roast - Black coffee aroma

150 Incese Sticks approximately
Out of stock
Baieido Coffee Incense Smokeless

Baieido Coffee Incense

Smokeless incense
Light roast - coffee shop aroma
30 grams
$10.00 Per Box

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