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Nu Essence Resins, Incense Resin Blends

Nu Essence Resins and Incense resin Blends

Nu Essence
Abra Melin Resin

Ingredients: Frankincense. Benzoin, Lignum,
Aloes and Rose.

"An old Egyptian mage's recipe used
in invocation for Knowledge and
 Conversation withone's Holy
Guardian Angel. 
The uniting of the Soul with that
of the Holy Spirit."


Nu Essence Earth Resin

Ingredients: Jasmine, Juniper, Sandalwood,
Cinnamon and Benzoin.

"Manifestation, a grounding
force that pulls the energies
of all that is abstact
into a solid finite form.
  The identification of
subconscious repressions so
that they can be dealt with
 on a conscious level ."

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Nu Essence Hadit Resin

Ingredients: Myrrh, Frankincense, Clove, Benzoin, Orange, Bay,
Bitter Almond
 and Amber.

"The male complement of Nuit.
 Expansively solar, the flame
that burns in every heart.
  The omnipresent point
that seeks
 to give the circle its definition."

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Nu Essence Mars Resin

Ingredients: Dragon Blood Resin, Opopanax,
Benzoin, Bergamot and Pepper.

"The Self assessment of  your
 personality by your Higher Self.
It instills courage,
 assertiveness and self-control as
 active principles in reaching
one's goals. Especially good for
 healing and purification.
 It will clean house."


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Nu Essence Mercury Resin

Ingredients: Tragacanth, Cassia, Clove, Benzoin, Gum Mastic, Lavender and Lemon.

The visualization and
communication of one's
journey from the personality as
a center to that of the self. 
The clarification of the intellect.


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Nu Essence Moon Resin

Ingredients: Karaya Gum, Frankincense,
Wormwood, Sandalwood,
Camphor, Jasmine and Artemisia.

"The instinctual feelings of the
sub-conscious.  A chemical sexual
 reaction that overcomes
old blocks to add renewal energy
 toward a new self image."

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Nu Essence Neptune Resin

Ingredients: Tonquin Musk, Benzoin, Sandalwood and Rose.

"Sometimes described as a higher vibration of Venus, Neptune acts to dissolve the
 physical barriers of love to
interact for the universal good, the outpouring of Divine Wisdom."



Nu Essence Nuit Resin

Ingredients: Olive, Sandalwood, Storax, Gum Elemi, Mastic,
Camphor, Jasmine and Rose.

"The Source of all light, the infinite nothingness from which all stars are born.
  The Egyptian goddess of the night sky.  The circumference that is nowhere found."

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Nu Essence Pan Resin

Ingredients: Vetivert, Myrrh, Dammer, Rose, Benzoin,
Pine, Cedar,
Fir, Musk, Civet and Olibarium.

"Pan the guardian of the natural spirits, connects one with the
spirits of the earth,
 the fervor of life and the passion for experience.  Energized Enthusiasm."

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Nu Essence Pluto Resin

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Benzoin, Ambergris, Amber and Bitter Almond.

"The psychosensory stimulation of the crown center, representing the reunion
 of the pure soul with the Universal Mind.  The scent directs your attention and
contemplation toward spiritual development and rebirth."

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Nu Essence Purification Resin

  Ingredients: Myrrh, Frankincense, Benzoin, Lavender and Rosemary.

"A Tibetan Lama gave me this recipe, used to purify and healing space."

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Nu Essence Ra Hoor Resin

Ingredients: Dragon's Blood Resin, Storax
Myrrh, Opopanax,
Olibanum, Rue and Tobacco.

"The crowned and conquering
 child of the New Aeon.  An androgynous being seeking
 to harmonize the energles of the opposites.
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Nu Essence Saturn Resin

Ingredients: Myrrh, Storax, Poppy, Sassafras, Cypress and Civet.

"This planet unjustly gets a bad rap; Saturn does not cause our problems,
it illuminates them,  it's  contractive feminine energy represents pure understanding
 which leads the soul to liberation."

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Nu Essence Sensual Resin

Ingredients: Toquin Musk, Jasmine, Amber, Rose, Red Sandalwood,
Eleni, Myrtle, Peppermint, Benzoin, Fir, Dammar and Cedar.

"A captivating combination that relaxes the body and enlivens the senses."



Nu Essence Spiritual Resin

  Ingredients: Benzoin, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Amber,
Orange, Jasmine, Lignum, Aloes and Cinnamon.
"A combination that formalizes the connection between the third eye and the heart chakra.
  The mind of the Heart."


Nu Essence Sun Resin

Ingredients:  Gum Arabic, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Orris, Mexican Saffron, Orange and Bay.

"The mind of our heart, the sun represents the integration principles of the Higher Self,
 to sacifice one's personal desires to gain an insight and to realize the Greater Reality."

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Nu Essence Uranus Resin

Ingredients: Jasmine, Juniper, Sandalwood, Cinnamon and Benzoin.

"Uranus is the planet of change,  it represents freedom and individuality.
The stepping stone, it gives one instantaneous insights
 that seek to shatter the ideals of the norm."


Nu Essence Venus Resin

Ingredients:   Red Sandalwood,
Benzoin, Damiana, Marshmallow Root, Nutmeg, Rose,
 Gum Elemi, Peppermint
and Myrtle.

"Creative imagination, the bridge between the mind and the heart, from thought to Art.
 Remembering that real victory is through Love."

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